Beijing Goldenet IOT Technology Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Goldenet IOT Technology Co., Ltd. (“Goldenet”) is a leading smart city operator in China. With a registered capital of 100 million yuan, it promotes development of smart cities based on IOT technology.

The Concept of “Smart City” is originated from IBM

The concept of “Smart City” is originated from IBM, which enable mankind to manage production and living conditions in a more elaborate and dynamic way through application of new-generation information technology. By implanting sensors to various kinds of objects in our world, including power supply systems, water supply systems, traffic systems, buildings, oil and gas pipelines and other production and living systems at every corner of the world, creating an internet of things IOT, and connecting the formed IOT to Internet, the integration between human society and physical system is then realized. Then through super computers and cloud computing to integrate IOTs in Smart Cities.

Telecom Resources of the Parent Company

The parent company Goldenet Communication Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. owns a nationwide 800 MHz radio frequency resources and an information service operation license. It has established citywide private wireless networks in Beijing and Shanghai. Combining the sensor production advantage of our shareholder Beijing Instrument Industry Group and the 800 MHz private network resources of Goldenet Communication Technology (Beijing Co., Ltd, Goldenet develops IOT application solutions with practical value and promotes the operation of smart cities. Through technical development, system integration, network establishment and operation, and hardware research and production, we provide IOT total solutions and operation service for government and industrial customers.

Projects of Honor

The company has successfully implemented the assembly and dispersion decision-making system for the mass pageant for China’s 60th National Day celebration, the vehicle and personnel positioning, command and dispatching system for the public areas of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the carbon monoxide early-warning, prevention and control system for Chaoyang District, Beijing, the vehicle positioning system for the 2007 Shanghai Special Olympics, the 2012 Chaoyang District bicycle service system and other major projects.