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To stimulate domestic economy, the State Council's circular on promoting investment in the information technology sector explicitly mentioned accelerating the development of smart cities. This includes carry out pilot projects in regions with appropriate conditions, and encourage some cities to carry out smart city test case to accumulate experience and identify successful model for other cities.

The “12th Five-Year” Plan of China puts forward the requirement of integrated and synchronous development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, and proposes building an ecologically sustainable beautiful China. Informatization is one of the most important means of achieving that objective. All these require the construction and promotion of smart cities.

In the recent five years, Goldenet has taken positive steps adapting to the changes of business environment, actively seized opportunities to promote the development of smart cities in the country. We developed innovative applications in three fields: IOT, cloud computing and positioning. They played important parts in major projects of the Beijing Olympic Games and China’s 60th National Day celebration, and received acclamation by government heads.

The country’s construction of smart cities is still in an early stage and projects generally lack overall planning. Active review and improvement are needed in order to deal with the common problem of repeated construction and wasting resources across the country. Goldenet has significant research in smart city development, and we emphasizes on top-level design. Our solutions give better consideration to the high-level operation needs of governments and enterprises. Goldenet has also established a strategic partnership with IBM and jointly set up a Smart City Solution Center to service our customers. We also developed our proprietary Goldenet Intelligent Operations Center (GIOC), an operating system designed for smart city management and with particular attention to the needs of senior government officials. We are in good position to help governments improve their top-level design of smart city applications and establish a high level, highly compatible and efficient smart city management system.

We believe an efficient integration of smart city systems is a matter of strategic importance to city administrators to seize future technological high ground. It helps to enhance industrial competence, and elevates society development. We will continuously increase our ability in technological innovation and services and be committed to the development of smart cities in China.

Looking forward, economic globalization, technological advancement, and the buoyant Chinese economy, all these have provided a broad space for fast development of our business. We insist on technological innovation in IOT as our main development approach. We strive to be a world leading player in smart city solutions. Customer satisfaction is the top honor of our services. We march forward together with friends from all walks of life.

Lawrence Hu