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Smart City Operation Center

The unified model of smarter cities is summarized into three points: information utilization, problem analysis and synergistic resource response and handling. Goldenet as a smart city operator not only provides IOT solutions for customers but also provides all-round operation service according to customer needs. Goldenet has established an around-the-clock IOT monitoring and operating center and has an experienced operation and management team. At present, the center monitors in real time the operation of multiple projects, such as: carbon monoxide toxic and harmful gas early-warning, prevention and control system covering more than 300,000 households in Beijing, and Beijing IOT public bicycle service system.

By integration of the above advantageous resources, Goldenet IOT solutions create interconnection between IOT and Internet, realize integration between human society and physical system, push forward smart cities, promote harmonious and sustainable development of urban economy, society and environment and improve urbanization quality.