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Business Scope

Goldenet is oriented as a comprehensive service provider for IOT smarter cities and provides mature, efficient and all-round wireless IOT service for Chinese customers. Its business scope involves positioning control and communication of national wireless private network, top-level design of smarter cities, operation of smarter cities and IOT solutions and covers such sectors as public security, city management, energy conservation, emission reduction, people’s livelihood and work safety.


Smart City Concept

The concept of smarter city is originated from the concept of “Smarter Planet” proposed by IBM. In November 2008, IBM put forth “Smarter Planet” in keynote report “Smarter Planet: Agenda for Leaders of Next Generation” published in New York, the United States and proposed fully applying new-generation information technologies in all industries. Smarter city is an innovative service model in which IT is effectively integrated with advanced city operation and service concepts, and more convenient, efficient and flexible public administration for cities through digital and networked management of the geography, resources, environment and economy of the cities.

The development of smarter cities is to raise urbanization quality, help enhance citizens’ sense of happiness, promote innovation in city production, life and management patterns and build a “convenient, comfortable, efficient and safe” society. At present, about 100 areas have proposed for construction of smarter cities in China, 28 provinces and cities have chosen IOT as an industrial development emphasis and above 80% of cities have considered IOT as a leading industry.

In “Smarter Cities in China” white paper of IBM, based on the application of new-generation IT, the basic characteristics of smarter city are defined as: complete IOT, sufficient integration, stimulating innovation, and collaborative operation. In other words, intelligent sensing devices connect urban public facilities into an Internet of Things, IOT and Internet are completely linked and incorporated, governments and enterprises carry out innovative application of science, technology and business on smart infrastructure, and all key systems and participants of the city carry out harmonious and efficient collaboration. Not only IOT, cloud computing and other new-generation IT application are underlined but also human orientation, synergy, openness and user involvement are stressed. Smarter city is defined as a city form supported by new-generation IT in next-generation innovative environment of a knowledge-based society.