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Smarter City Solutions

Goldenet is a strategic Chinese partner of IBM Smarter City Platform. They jointly set up a solution center to provide integrated smarter city solutions for governments, enterprises and individual customers, covering public security, city management, energy conservation, emission reduction, people’s livelihood and work safety.

The table below lists some implementation cases of Goldenet in smart city applications

Public Security City Management Energy Conservation and Emission Control People’s Livelihood Work Safety Industrial Application
Toxic and harmful gas remote prevention and control system Wireless multimedia integrated information release platform Energy conservation supervision and wireless monitoring and management platform Wireless micropayment platform Fireworks and crackers video monitoring system Monitoring of insured vehicles
Water tank security management platform Emergency response and dispatching system Intelligent optimization of gas pipe network Wireless community service platform Dangerous chemicals production, storage and transport monitoring system Water plant monitoring
Building fire wireless alarm, monitoring and management system Smart bus system Municipal heating network remote wireless monitoring and management system Wireless community security management system Coal mine safety monitoring system Monitoring of postal vehicles
Early warning system against collapse of bridges, tunnels and other buildings Muck transport car management system Intelligent optimization of power supply system CO poisoning wireless prevention and control system Monitoring of hazardous articles use and production Monitoring of medical facilities
Wireless lift intelligent and real-time monitoring system Wireless water quality monitoring system Medical waste management (sanitation and environmental protection) Daily health surveillance (hypertension and blood sugar) Boiler safety monitoring Early warning system against insured disasters
Construction site powder and fire monitoring system Integrated management of urban underground pipelines Refuse disposal system Precision agricultural IOT system Production monitoring of small chemcial enterprises Bourse transaction system
Combustible gas wireless prevention and control platform Urban roadlamp wireless management system Boiler energy consumption monitoring Heart prevention and daily monitoring (ECG) Oil and gas storage and transport monitoring system Insured assets management system
Gas safety monitoring Monitoring of high-rise building cleaning Comprehensive monitoring of air quality Smart business and smart shopping centers (transaction system)   Insurance fraud prevention system
Gun, weapon and radioactive object monitoring Information chain integration and sharing platform of municipal management Integrated energy conservation platform Smart furniture (access control, security, etc.)   Chain store management system
Comprehensive campus security control system Public bicycle mangement system   Smart tourism (tourist camera, etc.)   Intelligent and electronic seal lock management system for postal vehicle transport
Metro security monitoring system Car park intelligent management system   Smart kindergarten solution   Smart logistic and storage solution
Monitoring of vital signs in prison Traffic coordination and command center   Integrated smart community solution   Goldenet multimedia information release system
Monitoring of underground civil air defense facilities Electric shuttle bus monitoring system        
  Monitoring of waterlogging and water accumulation under bridges