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Assembly and Dispersion Decision-making System for the 60th National Day Parade

In order to guarantee Chinas’ 60th-anniversary celebration, we established an assembly and dispersion system for the 200,000-people mass pageant and provided full-course security service assurance. This system consists of a general command center and two command sub-centers to monitor the 300,000 people, more than 4400 vehicles and 65 floats in the mass pageant. The video capture system may invoke the 17,000 road surface cameras in the core control areas of the mass pageant, 3600 cameras in metro stations and the real-time pictures of three mobile video cars at any time. In addition, with the wireless ground positioning control network as foundation, the integrated information technology as a means, and the time axis of position information of participants in the mass pageant and activity progress as key point, through information acquisition, information processing and other platforms, the decision-making system made judgment, reflected human and vehicle status in real time and checked whether they met the requirements of activity progress. It provided an effective and scientific supplementary means for field commanders to comprehensively know the whole process of mass pageant, assembly, convergence and dispersion. This system integrates multiple techniques including video, positioning, sensing and planning, forms all-round IOT application and won the title of “Excellent Organizer of National Day Celebration”.