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Human and Vehicle Positioning and Command System for Beijing Olympics

During Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, we provided human and vehicle positioning management, command and dispatching, emergency treatment in case of crises and other Wi-Fi operation services for Olympic Central District Command Center and satisfactorily completed Olympic security service. During the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing received 7.5 million people including Olympic delegations, journalists, foreign visitors and spectators. There were about 7,000 conference vehicles directly dispatched by the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games (OCOG), nearly 20,000 vehicles for fetching journalists and volunteers and about 15,000 special-purpose vehicles. The security of Olympic vehicles related to human safety, food and goods safety and social security and was vitally important.

From the perspective of security monitoring, the requirements for security monitoring of Olympic vehicles are much higher than the security monitoring of ordinary vehicles. The shortfall of GPS will bring about some unreliable factors to the successful hosting of the Olympic Games. If criminals or terrorists take advantage of these unreliable factors, the result will be unthinkable.

Goldenet introduced the state-of-art technology and established Goldenet communication positioning system not relying on satellite to provide a good capacity of “geographical location information service” and “two-way data communication service”. This system is characterized by shielding resistance and anti-jamming and is particularly suitable to Olympic vehicle management and monitoring, and professional fight against terrorism and ensured the successful hosting of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.