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Beijing CO Early Warning, Prevention and Control System

In this system, Goldenet uses high-performance and sensitive sensors and its IOT private network to realize effective early warning, prevention and control of CO-induced poisoning incidents during winter heating, and establishes a prevention-first mechanism and a sound alarm and rescue management system, i.e.: “5-level alarm and 4-level management” prevention and control system to ensure human life safety and reduce property loss.

In three consecutive heating seasons from 2009 to 2012, Goldenet installed a CO poisoning remote prevention and control system for nearly 300,000 households at 65 villages of 11 townships in Beijing and provided CO poisoning early-warning and prevention service for residents. The “5-level alarm and 4-level management” prevention and control system realizes an integrated prevention and control function of tenant, village, township and district 4-level joint alarm and management on the basis of local alarm of users.

By the end of March 2012, Goldenet Call Center had received and handled more than 50,000 CO alarms and realized a desirable effect of “zero poisoning, zero death”. This system has passed expert review and verification, ranked first among the first batch of “Beijing IOT demonstration projects” and won a medal of “Best-Effect Project”.

In 2012, the software platform of this system was integrally moved to GIOC software platform secondarily developed based on IBM Intelligent Operation Center, to improve system stability and reliability.