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IOT Public Bicycle Management System

According to the plan expressly specified in the Opinions of Beijing City on Further Promoting Scientific Development of the Traffic in Beijing and Making More Efforts in Alleviation of Traffic Congestion issued by Beijing Municipal Government on December 13, 2010: improve bicycle and pedestrian traffic system and park-and-ride conditions, advocate green and environment-friendly trips, and build a public bicycle service system consisting of 1000 stations and 50,000 bicycles, passenger traffic hubs, metro stations and ground central bus stations in the “12th Five-Year” period, Beijing tried out public bicycle service in Chaoyang and Dongcheng districts.

In September 2011, Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment initiated the bidding of “Chaoyang public bicycle service system construction project”. On October 25, 2011, Great Wall Golden Point Positioning Control (Beijing) Co., Ltd. won the bid. In the same year, Goldenet started construction of Chaoyang public bicycle service system. In October 2013, Goldenet completed the construction of the system. It covers an area reaching Beijing-Tibet Expressway in the north, Huawei Bridge in the south, East Second Ring Road in the west and East Fourth Ring Road in the east in Chaoyang District and has Metro 10 as its axis. 173 stations were built and 5000 sets of bicycle service equipment were put into use. The system mainly caters for bus and metro stations and stops, communities, shopping centers, markets, office buildings, parks and government organs. The above stations have all started operation. The implementation of the project effectively promoted the campaign of Green Beijing, made positive contribution to energy conservation, emission reduction and solving of “last 1KM” public transport, and provided true service for citizens.