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Beijing Traffic Operations Coordinating and Command Center (TOCC)

In 2012, Goldenet cooperated with IBM to participate in TOCC construction project. This project makes the best use of the existing systems (such as: digital municipal system), complies with the principle of adjusting measures to local conditions and strengthens the construction concepts of monitoring, sharing, command, service and application. It will build a district-level basic information platform, five information systems (public bicycle service supervision system, roadside parking electronic toll collection system, automatic shooting system against illegal parking of motor vehicles, municipal road information management system, and traffic information release system) and three command systems. The implementation of the project will effectively raise fine management and service level of the traffic in Chaoyang District and will also raise transport efficiency, alleviate traffic pressure and mitigate environmental pollution.

According to the requirements of the municipal transportation administration commission and in the light of the features of fine management of the traffic in Chaoyang District, Goldenet established Chaoyang traffic management “115” system, i.e.: a platform, a network and five business subsystems.