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GIS Intelligent Dispatching System for Claim Settlement of PICC

PICC adopts manual dispatching as a traditional way to dispatch survey vehicles, i.e.: after the 95518 service hotline receives a case report from an insurant, the operator determines the underwriter according to the policy number and informs the responsible person of the underwriter by phone. The responsible person carries out secondary dispatching and informs the case to a surveyor. In the whole process, it is not easy to know whether the surveyor and the survey vehicle are busy or not, how far the survey vehicle is from the scene, whether the survey vehicle goes to the scene immediately after receiving the dispatching, and when it arrives at the scene, seriously affecting site survey speed and quality.

The PICC property insurance claim settlement intelligent dispatching system established by applying advanced IT means and in combination of a geographical information system further raises the work efficiency of survey and loss assessment of PICC property insurance and improves claim settlement service level. The implementation of the claim settlement intelligent dispatching system provides important support to fundamental change of traditional claim settlement dispatching model and marks the operation efficiency and claim settlement dispatching control ability of the company are up to a new stage.