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Goldenet is a strategic partner of IBM in the field of smarter cities. They jointly set up a solution center in Beijing to provide integrated smarter city solutions for governments and corporate customers, covering public security, city management, energy conservation, emission reduction, people’s livelihood, and work safety. Goldenet smarter city solution center benefits from the rich global experience of IBM in the implementation of smarter cities, obtains timely technical support from IBM, effectively helps the organizations and departments of customers integrate information from different instrumented systems and establishes an intelligent and interconnected environment to promote cooperation, raise efficiency and initiate effective decision making.

We firmly believe GIOC (Goldenet Intelligent Operations Center) plays an extremely important role in handling the difficulties facing many cities at present. By making use of the features of GIOC, such as: real-time tracking, data acquisition and analysis, we will help cities solve problems and become smarter cities. Goldenet smarter city solutions cover the following industries and fields. Through years’ implementation and operation of the solutions, Goldenet has accumulated precious experience and cultivated an experienced professional team.