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With the development of urbanization, population explosion, complex roads and pipeline overlapping impose numerous challenges to municipal administration and emergency response to major events, whereas municipal and urban management authorities lack accurate and comprehensive information about municipal utilities and it is extremely difficult to acquire and update information. Informatization is needed to systematically raise city management level and emergency response ability.

Digital city management system includes a GIS (geographic information system) for municipal administration, gardens and public utilities, including water supply, gas, drainage, road and bridge, and garden subsystems and databases. Meanwhile in combination with front-end law executor PDA and vehicle patrol service, and water, coal gas and electricity pipeline monitoring and wireless meter reading service, the system realizes automatic and IT-based city management and raises emergency handling speed and efficiency. Manhole covers, streetlamps, mailboxes, dustbins, car parks, telephone booths and other city elements are all included into the category of IT-based city management, and every public property is given an “ID card”. If a manhole cover on the street is broken or the streetlamp at your doorway is not on, the law executor will record the event by a mobile law-enforcing terminal, position the event by GPS, send the information to the command center, and related department will find and solve the problem in the earliest possible time. The implementation of this project will have the following major significance:

1. Raise the level of city management and give correct guidance to future city development;

2. Reduce city service cost, provide a better living environment for citizens and raise people’s degree of satisfaction;

3. Quickly know and acquire all-round information, provide assistance in decision making, raise decision level, enhance emergency command ability and quickly and effectively handle sudden events.

Below are cases of Goldenet solutions for municipal administration: