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Public Bicycle Management System

The public bicycle management system is an important component of Goldenet IOT traffic microcirculation management system. It is to realize efficient perception, real-time monitoring, all-round networking, accurate calculation and analysis and effective monitoring and control of municipal administration and traffic resource scheduling on the basis of comprehensively knowing human traffic tide distribution and traffic resource status in time, to achieve the effect of intelligent management and improvement of microcirculation of traffic ends, effectively solve the problem of the last one kilometer and really realize green, healthy and low-carbon travel.

The first phase of Beijing public bicycle service system project mainly completes the service of 173 stations and 5000 public bicycles in Chaoyang District. In the past one year since trial operation of the project in June 2012, more than 20,000 Yikatong cards for municipal transport have been issued and bicycles have been rented and returned more than 1.8 million times. The implementation of the project serves as an effective push on Green Beijing, makes active contribution to solving the public transport of “the last 1KM” and provides real service for ordinary people.