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Intelligent Car Park Management System

Goldenet intelligent car park management system is a successful case designed based on GIOC and is mainly used to effectively guide and manage urban car parks and parked vehicles.

The system may guide parkers to park vehicles conveniently and fast, monitor parking spaces, make the management of the parking spaces in the parks more standard and orderly and raise parking space utilization rate. Its working principle: detect entering and leaving vehicles and acquire data about changes of parking spaces through the information acquisition devices installed at the entrances and exits of the car parks, transfer the data by the parking guidance system via a wireless public communication network, process them by the parking guidance control system, generate data corresponding to vacant parking spaces in the car parks, and classify information display boards. The data about vacant parking spaces are delivered to and displayed by the display boards via a wireless communication network, thus providing valid vacancy information of every car park to drivers.

The system consists of three parts:

1. Part 1 is a data acquisition system: It consists of vehicle detectors and controllers.

2. Part 2 is a central processing system: It analyzes acquired data and displays them on the corresponding output devices.

3. Part 3 is an output display system: It consists of screens and guide boards.