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Emergency Response and Dispatching System

“Urban emergency response and dispatching system” is a deepened application system of GIOC. It covers all districts of a city. The municipal government establishes a city-level emergency command center, relevant responsible departments set up emergency command sub-centers respectively, the goal is “smooth communication, timely handling, complete data and effective command”, and the analysis and classified handling of emergency events by departments are coordinated in a unified way. This system has such functions as acquisition of disaster information, information sharing and query, fast evaluation, assistance in decision making, order issuance, site commanding, dynamic display, and information announcement and mainly includes: mayor hotline 12345, police 110, traffic 122, fire 119, first aid 120, water supply, power supply, heat supply, municipal administration, disease prevention and control, weather, flood control, earthquake protection, and civil air defense systems and organizations.

The construction of “urban emergency response and dispatching system” aims to maximally reduce human and property loss and raise government’s ability to handle major sudden events and citizen service level. In addition, the establishment of a data sharing platform provides information and resource sharing for related departments and reduces repeated investment during urban informatization.