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With the fast development of social economy and the quickening of urbanization process, urban transport becomes more mobile and traffic jam, traffic accidents and traffic-induced environmental problems gradually come to prominence. For a long time, the countries in the world all have faced ever-worsening urban traffic problems, causing serious economic loss. To solve these problems, road construction alone is not enough and the organic integration between modern IT and management technology must be resorted to so as to realize convenient and fast passenger and cargo transport, promote economic development and reduce traffic accidents.

GPS technology, wireless communication technology and Internet technology develop by leaps and bounds in the recent years and are widely applied in traffic management. The real-time 3D positioning and accurate timing functions of GPS technology provide a practical and feasible technical means for real-time analysis of traffic network. Wireless communication technology provides effective technical support for real-time monitoring of vehicles and may serve as an effective carrier of all-digital traffic information.

Effectively integrating and applying GIS-T, GPS, Internet, wireless communication and other new and high technologies to alleviate and solve the ever-worsening urban traffic problems, promote establishment of an intelligent traffic system (ITS) and development of urban society and economy, raise outing efficiency of urban residents and adapt to the ever-increasing pace of city life is the key to the transformation of urban traffic to digital traffic, and also a forceful means for raising international standing and influence of a city.

Goldenet has rich experience in intelligent traffic management. The main projects undertaken by it include smart bus management system, traffic coordination and management system and electric vehicle operation monitoring system.