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With the constant progress of science and technology, continuous development of national economy and rapid growth of people’s demand for security, high-degree humanization of intelligent security and integration of multiple services will be the direction of future development. With the support of related government departments and continuous innovation of industrial technologies, new-generation security products hopefully will soon win the market and enter ordinary families.

Security protection

The security work of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is excellent. In addition to careful planning, meticulous deployment, rigorous management and other subjective factors, the aspect of things, particularly, technical factors, also contributed to the success of the security work and even played a key role – IOT took great credit. At the beginning of the preparation for the Olympic Games, digital Olympics was proposed. In the whole period of the Olympic Games, IOT indeed was widely applied. For example, IOT technology played a big role in the aspects of networked video monitoring, intelligent transport guidance, food safety tracing and dynamic environment monitoring.

During Shanghai World Expo, 400,000 visitors were received a day on average. About 340,000 of them dined in World Expo Park. Assurance of food safety became an important mission of Shanghai. “When food enters the park, the law enforcement officers could quickly trace the origins of food and raw materials from hand-held office terminal mobile devices on site and ensured the supply channels were safe and reliable. Meanwhile it was required to attach RIFD tags to the packing bags of vegetable, fruit, aquatic products, eggs and other primary agricultural products and distributed semi-finished food products. The RIFD tags store planting and breeding enterprise or producer, product name, origin, date of production, shelf life, storage condition and other information so that product packages and RIFD tags integrally enter catering, retail or logistic terminals along with the goods, and food and raw materials can be tracked and traced.

The fire safety monitoring system adopted at Shanghai World Expo simulates human eye and nose system and combines electronic eyes and smoke detectors to monitor large spaces. In case smoke is found, a signal will be sent back to the system without delay. At present, six pavilions of Shanghai World Expo have installed this monitoring system.

IOT can play a bigger role in building security. According to the statistics of National Security Products Quality Supervision and Management Center, quite a few cities have used an IOT security system in new-type security windows. Different from conventional barrier-type security windows, ordinary people cannot see the security window at a distance of 15m. People can see a layer of thin net covering the window only in a short distance. The net is woven with fine steel wires in a space of 5cm and is connected to the community security system monitoring platform. Once the wires are impacted by large force or cut off, the system will sound alarm at once. From the perspective of fire protection, this new-type security window also makes for escape and rescue of residents.

Through participating in the 60th National Day celebration project, Beijing Olympic Games project, Shanghai Special Olympics, Shanghai World Expo and other large projects, Goldenet has accumulated rich and precious practical experience in IOT application in security protection and counter-terrorism.