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Construction Site Fire Prevention and Control System

Goldenet realizes the goal of fire prevention and control of construction in progress by relying on its advantages of sensors and 800M private network. Mobile communicable sensors for temperature, smoke and gas are installed on every floor of the building being built, and a local network is formed through floor base stations. In this way, fire can be perceived floor by floor including foundation in real time. By applying video identification technology, the dense smoke of the building is monitored. Fire and dense smoke may result in deformation of the building. Cameras are installed at multiple angles. After monitoring of the building, the computer performs comprehensive comparison and analysis and issues alarm against outdoor building fire in time.

This system adopts a “multilevel alarm and multilevel management” monitoring model and realizes hierarchical supervision including scene, site command center, branch, head office and third-party operation center. Goldenet service center may provide around-the-clock monitoring, thus realizing loophole-free prevention and control.