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Production Monitoring of Small Chemical Enterprises

This project mainly monitors the production equipment in production workshops of small chemical plants in a centralized way in order to raise production efficiency. This monitoring system comprises motor protectors, PLC, wireless collectors, wireless coordinators, supervisory control computers and monitoring software. It is a centralized monitoring solution designed according to the actual condition of the production workshops of Yanshan Chemical Plant by applying advanced hardware and software technologies. It adopts a wireless network structure and has such characteristics and advantages as simple construction, convenient maintenance, high data transmission rate, accurate and fast data acquisition, large monitoring range, high system transmission capacity, strong expandability, high reliability and low construction and operating cost.

This monitoring system adopts a layered and distributed network structure and consists of an equipment layer, a communication layer and a monitoring layer. The production workshops have 48 intelligent motor monitors and two PLC. Its basic functions include picture monitoring, alarm, analysis of curves, bar charts and pies, user management, and reports.