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Hazard Installation Use and Production Monitoring

With the constant progress of the society, science and technology gradually infiltrate all layers of production and life, but modern production imposes great threat to people’s life. For example, (1) A chlorine leak accident happened in a private chemical plant in Fuhe Town, Zengcheng, Guangzhou in 2001, resulting in poisoning of about 100 villagers. About 2000~3000 villagers in neighboring 8 villages were emergently evacuated the same night. (2) In the same year, about 300t of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse of a chemical plant in Toulouse, a city in the south of France exploded, killing 29 people and injuring 2442 people. The frequent occurrence of these major accidents is mainly because the chemical plants were not cautious enough to major hazard installations and the management was ineffective.

Main types of major accidents: firstly, a large amount of toxic and harmful substance leaks, resulting in human casualty, poisoning and environmental pollution in a large range; secondly, a large amount of combustible substance leaks and causes fire and explosion once it contacts combustion source. Following the continuous development of a city, the range of urban area keeps being enlarged, the resident density around chemical plants is increasing and finally the chemical plants become a part of the city. Once an accident occurs, not only loss will be caused to the chemical plant itself, but also the health and life of the residents and the environment nearby suffer huge harm. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of major accidents, safety management of major hazard installations attracts increasing attention from the society and becomes important work of safety management of modern large and medium chemical enterprises.

The major hazard installation monitoring system consists of four parts: business software, emergency shelters, backup system and database system. The monitoring of industrial video and analog quantity data of enterprises is the construction emphasis of the system and consists of two parts: monitoring platform and enterprise front-end. The platform is an operation interface of management and use and should be deployed in 3-level organizations (province, city, and district/county) respectively to meet the requirements of safety supervision bureaus for management and dispatching by level and authority. The front end is a corporate data acquisition system, including a video monitoring module and an analog quantity module. This front end should have the ability to transmit industrial video and production data of key locations of the enterprise to the monitoring platform.

Besides, this monitoring platform has analog quantity alarm and auditing, alarm point surveillance video backup and other advanced functions and provides an effective basis for enterprise’ supervision and punishment in the future.