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Intelligent Coal Mine and Safety Monitoring

Intelligent mining area is a professional information system developed for geodetic survey, production and safety of mining areas. This solution mainly comprises several parts, including “mining CAD”, “mining area 3D management platform”, and “mining area safety monitoring system” and covers strip mine, underground mine, tailings pond and other links. The whole platform centers on the management and analysis of basic data and production monitoring information of the mining area and provides integrated information service of an intelligent mining area for customers.

Advantages of the system:   

1.  Advanced graph-database integration technology, with data as the core, realizes multilevel data sharing, circulation and collaboration among the mining area, group and regulatory body. 

2.  Technology for management, dispatching and release of voluminous 3D data of class TB mining area; mining area ground and underground integrated modeling and multi-dimensional representation of strata, tunnels, personnel, facilities and monitoring data; interconnect with industrial database to remotely monitor and dispatch underground equipment and realize unattended operation, and serve as an emergency command platform in case of a sudden event.  

3.  The remote online automatic monitoring technology for mining area applies various kinds of sensors to realize online monitoring of geostress, temperature, harmful gas and deformation. Through integration with geological and geodetic survey database, the system comprehensively analyzes the geological conditions of surrounding rocks and real-time monitoring data and ensures the safety of the mining area.  

4.  Photogrammetry-based mining area reconnaissance system: By applying image matching technology, it automatically generates 3D models of the target objects and monitors and measures important and representative land features.