Today, advanced hospitals have realized mobile application of informatization. The real-time recording, transmission and processing of medical record information, patient information and disease information may realize real-time and effective sharing of related information among hospital departments and among hospitals via network. This may play a very good supporting role in realizing informatization flows of remote medical treatment, expert consultation, hospital referral and other processes, while mobile medical informatization will create great convenience for hospital management, doctor diagnosis, nurse’s nursing and patent’s reception of treatment. IOT will be the best way of mobile informatization and a direction of efforts in the future.

In view of the current development of medical informatization, medical care and health show an increasingly obvious trend of community and health care in the recent years. If radio frequency instruments and other relevant terminal devices are used at home to track and monitor information of vital signs, and IOT is effectively operated, hospitals may realize real-time diagnosis and health reminding to patients or sub-healthy people, thus the occurrence and development of diseases may be effectively reduced and controlled. This will get more important to future development of medical and health informatization.

IOT technology can also play a big role in drug administration and medication. As indicated by data, medical accident is the fifth killer in the United States. Adverse events of drugs rank first among all non-surgical medical errors in foreign countries. By IOT technology, drug name, variety, origin, lot number and information in the links of production, processing, transport, storage and sales may be saved in RFID tags. In case of a problem, the whole process may be traced. Meanwhile, the information may also be sent to a public database. Patients or hospitals may check the content of tags against the record in the database, thus effectively identifying quack medicines.

Intelligent Medical Solution

Goldenet “intelligent medical treatment” mainly provides a solution of real-time positioning, tracking and asset optimization. This solution combines our core advantageous resources and uses IBM Maximo® Asset Management and WebSphere Sensor Events (WSE) to implement a positioning solution. By integrating sensor data, it realizes real-time positioning tracking and status tracking of resources, personnel and patients, event detection and automation workflow, OOTB, and end-to-end medical scenario and patient management.

The asset optimization solution helps hospitals cope with industrial challenges by integrating the latest sensor data and asset management system. By acquiring position and status information updated in real time, hospitals can raise asset transparency, realize automatic asset management and more effectively utilize assets. In the end, the hospitals may raise asset guarantee capability while increasing asset inventory and reducing operating cost.