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The development of new-generation information technology, particularly the development of cloud computing, IOT, integration of three networks and new-generation communication industry, brings about new opportunities and challenges for traditional community management and service models. The construction of intelligent communities puts up community network service management platforms, collects community service resources, fully meets service demand of residents, makes innovation in community lifestyles, provides intelligent home, security monitoring, home care, medical treatment, first aid and other new-type intelligent services for residents, provides individualized, diversified and socialized public service for the residents, units and social organizations in the communities and continuously raises the intelligent community service ability focusing on community service information, handy service for the public and public service system.

Goldenet was appointed by Beijing Chaoyang District Government to provide intelligent community top-level design service. Through automatic perception, timely transmission, timely release and information resource integration and sharing of the information closely related to residents’ life, Beijing Intelligent Community realizes digitalization, networking, intelligence, interaction and collaboration of seven essential factors for the living of community residents, including “eating, residence, transport, travel, shopping, entertainment and health”, provides a safer and more convenient, comfortable and pleasant living environment for residents, gradually realizes community-wide scientific planning and dynamic distribution of compulsory education, medical care and health, provision for the aged, nursery, affairs handling service, security maintenance, entertainment and other community service resources, achieves “intelligent community” and realizes the goal of online fast access of government affairs service, public service and life service.