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In China, IBM summarizes four breakthrough points to the establishment of “intelligent finance”: innovation and transformation of business operation, integrated risk management, sharp insight and strong adaptability to changes, and deployment of dynamic IT infrastructure.

Innovation and transformation of business operation: Intelligence is to forecast customer demand, perceive the changes of customer behavior patterns and provide individualized financial products and services through convenient channels at any time. To build an intelligent bank, customer-centered banking services and optimized and efficient flows should be realized through integration of service flows, innovation of front-office services and integration of multiple channels.

Integrated risk management: Real-time and accurate forecast, evasion of financial risks and optimization of internal capital structure. An intelligent bank may realize integrated risk management by technical means for risk quantification, such as: a perfect scientific evaluation system, R&D of risk management tools, real-time monitoring modes, and forecasting of system failures.

Sharp insight and strong adaptability to changes: Collect and process voluminous data. Raise business decision making ability through intelligent analysis and optimization; know subtle changes of customers and market environment through fast and intelligent analysis of voluminous customer and transaction data in the bank.

Deployment of dynamic IT infrastructure: Build dynamic IT infrastructure adaptable to business demand. Establish intelligent, safe and flexible IT architecture adaptable to changeable business environment to meet diversified requirements of different sectors, customers and partners.

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