“Intelligent logistics” integrates IOT and sensor network with existing Internet to realize automatic, visualized, controllable, intelligent and networked logistics, thus raising resource utilization rate and production level and creating higher social value.

1. Reduce logistic cost and raise corporate profit

The application of key technologies, such as: object identification, identification tracking, wireless positioning and other new-type information technologies, can effectively realize intelligent dispatching and management of logistics, integrate core business processes of logistics, strengthen logistic management and reduce logistic consumption, thus cutting logistic cost, reducing circulation expenses and increasing profit.

2. Accelerate the development of the logistic industry and become IT support of the logistic industry

Intelligent logistics will accelerate the development of local logistic industry, integrate storage, transport, distribution and information service, break restraint of trade, coordinate departmental interests and realize intensive and efficient operation. Meanwhile, it integrates logistic enterprises, handles in a centralized way the logistic resources which used to be decentralized, gives play to overall advantage and scale advantage and realizes modernization, specialization and mutual complement of traditional logistic enterprises.

3. Lay a foundation for intelligent fusion of enterprise’ production, purchase and sales systems

Following the popularization of RFID technology and sensor network, the interconnection between thing and thing will lay a foundation for intelligent fusion of enterprise’ logistic system, production system, purchase system and sales system. The fusion of networks certainly results in fusion between intelligent production and intelligent supply chain. Enterprise’s logistics is completely and intelligently incorporated into corporate operation. It breaks the limits of processes and flows and creates intelligent enterprises.

4. Make consumers save cost and shop at ease

By providing self-help goods source query and tracking and other services, food source query in particular, intelligent logistics can make consumers shop and eat without worry, boost consumer’s purchase confidence and promote consumption.

5. Raise work efficiency of government departments and make for political reform

Intelligent logistics may supervise food production, transport and sales in all directions and whole process, greatly relieve work pressure of related government departments and make supervision more thorough and transparent. The application of computers and networks may significantly raise the work efficiency of government departments, thus reducing government expenditure.