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“Intelligent agriculture production safety system” is a solution jointly developed by Goldenet and IBM and providing integrated prevention, management and control. It realizes dynamic management of human and environment and can effectively control the production process of high-class agricultural products, control product quality, avoid problematic agricultural products caused by human or environmental factors during production, provide quality assurance for the production and sales of high-class agricultural products, reassure customers and bring about higher benefits for enterprises.

“Intelligent agriculture production safety system” collects temperature, humidity, illumination, soil temperature, soil moisture, oxygen content and other environmental parameters of agricultural planting and breeding venues (such as: greenhouses and aquaculture farms) in real time, monitors the site environment, makes real-time and intelligent decisions according to the growth needs of crops, automatically switches on or off designated environmental conditioning devices according to need and controls the doses of fertilizer and pesticides. The deployment and implementation of this system may provide a scientific basis and an effective means for automatic monitoring of agricultural ecological information and for implementation of automatic control and intelligent management. By various kinds of wireless sensors, video monitoring devices and network transmission devices which can be flexibly deployed in greenhouses, the system collects temperature, humidity, illumination, soil temperature, soil moisture, CO2 concentration and other environmental parameters closely related to crop growth in real time, performs storage, intelligent analysis and decision making of the real-time monitored data on a data server and may switch on or off designated devices through the central control system, for instance: remote control of irrigation, opening or closing of roller blinds, and supplement of oxygen or CO2.

This system is applicable to the following users:

1.  Large supermarkets organize fixed-point production monitoring of their agricultural products.

2.  Food processing enterprises monitor the production of their production bases or outsourced farmers.

3.  Government departments supervise safety production of large production bases.