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IOT application should be able to provide technical support for public services. IOT can significantly raise government’s ability and level in public affairs administration and public service and promote transformation of government service towards initiative service.

Role of IOT in Public Services:

1. Basic public services

Basic public services refer to the basic services provided for citizens through introduction of national policies or public resources and needed by production, living, development, entertainment and other activities, for example, providing water, electricity, gas, transport and communication infrastructure facilities, postal service and meteorological service. IOT application includes intelligent grid, intelligent traffic service and water quality monitoring system. For example, IOT technology is applied in the bus system of urban transportation, and the wireless video monitoring and GPS functions of vehicle-mounted devices may be used to monitor the operating status of buses in real time.

2. Social public service

Social public service covers such fields as education, medical care, health, social security and environmental protection. In the field of medical care and health, IOT may realize bar code-based patient identity management, mobile doctor’s advice, sign and symptom record, mobile drug management, mobile specimen management, mobile case management, data storage and invocation, anti-theft of babies, nursery flows and clinical paths.

The “electronic medical” system established by integrating IOT RFID technology and IC cards will realize remote medical treatment and self-help medical treatment, reduce people’s medical cost, realize “Yikatong” cards which integrate personal ID information, social insurance, medical insurance, medical treatment, finance and other services, and solve the problem of settlement of medical treatment by card in non-local areas.

“Intelligent home care” based on IOT application hopefully will become a way for China to cope with population aging and realize a new model of support for the aged. “Intelligent home care” is to install positioning devices on old people by applying IOT technology and ensure the daily life of old people are in a remote monitoring state with the help of sensors. The home care call help and remote health management IOT platform of “intelligent home care” effectively integrates communication network, intelligent call, vital sign monitoring, IOT and other technical means, establishes an elderly information database, provides first aid, daily care, housekeeping, spiritual care, health management and value added service, relies on communities, effectively integrates social service resources, establishes a sound home care service system and builds “fenceless old people’s homes” in a real sense.

Successful IOT Cases of Goldenet in the Field of Public Services: